a New Divide has been awaken..

they say legends never die, that they can only live on in the hearts of those who remember them. A force of nature, a unlimited source of power, an unrivaled titain and one pissed off S.O.b.

never has anything been seen to last so long when there was those who said. “you can’t do it..” Well I have news for you.

This is Majin plnaet, the future, past and the now are happening, many remember the past, some would say we lost what we once had. That we are the walking dead, a zombie, that we should rest in peace.

Nothing can change the facts, dragonball is dead. I put blood, sweat, money and hard work into making this site my own and making it something special to me. 

as of December 13th 2009 majin planet will be 10 years old and it will be true, the legend is dead. however myiths live on forever...

neckar unrivaled (nu)
majin planet
summer 2009

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